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With some sunny weather drawing closer, you may be looking out on your garden with a little anxiety. The winter may have been a little unkind to your outdoor space – old flowers haven’t grown back, weeds have taken over and the lawn could look unkempt and a little worse for wear.

If you don’t have the time or energy to do up your garden but you’re desperate for some attractive outdoor space, you could hire the help of a garden design company to do the work for you. Companies like Gardens R Us are able to transform a space, however big or small, with a theme and budget to suit you.

If you want to start by doing some work yourself, here are the main areas you can focus on, for maximum impact:

  • De-weeding– weeds can make a garden look automatically shabby! You’d be surprised at how a path or lawn can be transformed when the weeds are removed from it. Invest in a good weed remover to save your back, and simply wrap the blades around the weed to pull out. You can use some weeding sprays but these aren’t always good because they can kills plants of healthy lawn around it. If you’re de-weeding with your hands, be sure to invest in some decent garden gloves.

  • Define your borders – A really easy trick is to define your flower borders or pathways. By giving definition to your garden, it can instantly neaten it up and give it a much needed facelift.

  • Add potted plants – go to your local garden centre and invest in some cheaper potted plants, like pansies. You can dot these around your garden for a quick burst of colour. You don’t need to do much to these flowers, other than maybe a little water and ensuring they don’t get too sun-burnt.

  • Paint the fence – it might take the afternoon, but freshening up your fence with new paint can completely change the look of your garden. Try a different colour, like sage or white, to add a shabby chic feel.


  • Top up the mulch– If you have some bedded plants in your garden, topping up the mulch can give it a face lift. Homelife says that you should remove weeds and encroaching grass from under trees and throughout garden beds, and then spread mulch over exposed soil to a depth of about 5cm thick. This can make your garden appear instantly better!


  • Prune – Another idea is to prune shrubs and hedges. It can really start to look messy when these kinds of trees grow out, but by pruning them, you can add more light and space into your garden.


  • Add a wind chime or garden ornament – to add something a little different to your garden, why not invest in an ornament for your patio steps, or a wind chime to hang from a tree branch. These little touches always make the difference!


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