It’s the best time of year for……conifer, tree and shrub maintenance.

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  Please do give us a call as soon as possible  to book  your garden maintenance appointment, including any conifer, tree and shrub maintenance, as Autumn/Winter is the best time for this maintenance to be carried out before the first flush of growth takes place in Spring. Phone:  01506 871961 Mobile:  07584 324920 Email:  info@gardens-r-us.scot

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

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Why not bring some early Christmas sparkle into your home by purchasing one of our Christmas Trees. Your purchase will help Five Sisters Zoo survive through these dark and difficult times. GardensRus have two types of freshly cut Christmas Trees available in various sizes. Fraser Fir: This is a Christmas Tree with a unique citrus fragrance [...]

Landscaping Adventures – Turning a sloped garden into a useable space.

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We turned a sloped garden into a useable space which our Client could relax in  and enjoy. We also created a large raised timber sleeper bed with timber decking coming off the highest point of the garden. We then levelled the ground in front of the decking.  The materials used were timber sleepers, timber decking, and [...]

Autumn/Winter – Conifer, Tree and Shrub Maintenance – please contact us as soon as possible to place a booking.

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  Autumn/Winter is a great time to prune all trees, conifers and shrubs before the new flush of growth starts in the Spring.  Please do contact us as soon as possible if you wish to place a booking for such works. Phone: 01506 871961 Mobile:  07584 324920 Email:  info@gardens-r-us.scot

Garden jobs for November.

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It is nice to be able to catch the fleeting low November sunshine when it is with us, and here are a few jobs that we can be doing in the garden on those fine November days: Plant Tulip bulbs and any other left over bulbs ready for Spring. Clear leaves from ponds, lawns and flower [...]

How to delay hedge and tree maintenance to help our wildlife over the Winter months.

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'Our hedges and trees desperately need a trim but yet they provide much needed food and shelter for wildlife over the Winter, what should we do?' If this is your predicament, please give us a call and we can book your tree and shrub maintenance appointment in for next year (in very late Winter). Please do [...]

Landscaping Adventures – Replacing old with new and creating a space to relax.

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We replaced old mixed patio slabs with grey buff slabs.  We also installed composite decking in grey to extend from the patio doors to create a nice space to sit and relax. Autumn/Winter is a great time to start planning any changes to a garden.  Please do contact us with your garden design and landscaping enquiries, [...]

Landscaping Adventures – Add character to a new build garden.

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Our Client wished to add character to a new build garden.  We changed the existing patio to Harvest promenade slabs and added  in a new path to reach the decking.  We created a timber pergola over the existing decking and two plant beds on either side of the garden.  We also supplied the plants and trees. [...]

Landscaping Adventures – Creating a more spacious, low maintenance space.

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Our Client's brief was that we create a more spacious, but low maintenance space, so that our Client could enjoy the garden. We swapped the turf for artificial grass and laid Harvest Sandstone Slabs with Spey chippings to match.  Our Client was very happy with the finished result and we were very pleased to have been [...]

Little gardening jobs for golden Autumnal days.

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The leaves have started to fall and our garden is bathed in a lovely golden Autumnal light.  Now is a great time to enjoy spending some time outdoors just to enjoy the colourfulness and fruitfulness of the Season. And whilst we are doing this, it might also be a good time to: Plant some bulbs ready [...]