Why not visit our Garden Centre or online shop? Now is the right time to buy and plant out vegetables and flowers.

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Its a great time to plant vegetable plants and flowers directly into the ground  without any cold weather protection.  Please do visit our online shop or our Garden Centre which is in the Car Park of Five Sisters' Zoo (no entry to the Zoo required) which is open from 10.00am to 5.00pm every day of the [...]

Creating a child friendly garden.

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  Creating a child friendly garden can be very important, especially if the children are very young. Having an uncluttered soft bouncy lawn edged with soft shrubs such as Santolina, Ribes, Wiegela, Rosemary, Philadelphus,  getting rid of any split canes  or spiky plant supports, having a lockup shed, and filling in ponds (even shallow ones) will [...]

Contact GardensRUs for all your Hedge and Tree maintenance matters (trimming, pruning, felling and removal)

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GardensRUs have a new specialist service which includes all elements of arboricultural work.  We undertake hedge trimming and removal and tree pruning, felling and removal, whether a single or multiple job.  All our staff are fully qualified and professional tree surgeons. Please contact us for a free no obligation quote however small, big or complicated the [...]

Hydrangea care and how to change their colour.

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  With their showy flowers, Hydrangeas have an old fashioned charm about them.  Although they are low maintenance plants, if they have the  proper care they will reward us with many blooms in the Summer months. Hydrangeas enjoy morning sun and afternoon shade. They also enjoy being planted in a slightly acidic soil which should be [...]

We are now stockists of Turf.

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    Our brand new Garden Centre presently stocks turf.  The Garden Centre is located in the Car Park of Five Sisters Zoo, so there is no requirement to enter the Zoo.  The cost of the Turf is £3.50 per square metre.  Please either call at the Garden Centre or email Brian at  brian@fivesisterszoo.co.uk to order [...]

Get creative in the garden with hanging baskets and planters.

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It is the time of year when we start to think about filling  our surroundings and the garden with more colour and scent by incorporating summer bedding plants , planters, and hanging baskets. Hanging baskets and planters can be used for a multitude of purposes such as growing herbs, growing trailing tomatoes,  growing strawberries and, of [...]

Another great review of GardensRUs.

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  'GardensRUs recently excavated our garden and added a drain and returfed.  They also removed the old patio slabs and replaced with timber decking.  All in all the work took five days and our garden is looking great. Very professional, efficient and helpful, quick turnaround to get a quote and to proceed with the work.  Thanks [...]

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