How to Smarten up your Garden in 3 Easy Steps

It’s that time of year when we want to get out in our gardens – but the recent winter may have meant we have neglected our lawns and flower borders, making them look a little worse for wear. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time to smarten up your garden, however big or small. Here are some tips for getting your garden in shape:

Look after the lawn

The lawn probably covers the majority of your garden space and so this is the area you should probably focus on first. Gardeners World suggests keeping your lawn around 5-10cm in the summer months – this will make it far less prone to drought. If your lawn is still quite young, you should water it thoroughly every day, especially if it has been hot. You’ll also want to weed your lawns. Weeds can give your lawn an uneven look and can attract ants and other bugs, so you’ll want to ensure it is as even as possible. You may also consider artificial lawn if the upkeep of a real lawn is too much.

Fill those flower pots

Your old flower pots from last year may have some remnants of old plants, or they may be sat empty. Look for some hardy plants if you aren’t too good at taking care of them. You can check out your local garden centre to see which ones would be best. Flowers such as Bergenia has bold leaves that shine in containers, and is ideal for year-long plant pots. Cluster your flower pots together, to give definition to your garden and create ‘focal points.’ If you want to inject some more colour into your garden, plant pots in bright colours are also a good idea and can be cheap to buy.

Free up a seating area

No matter the size of your garden, you’ll probably want to sit in it comfortably and enjoy the surroundings. It is therefore a good idea to create a seating area on a patio or decking space which you can enjoy. If you already have table and chairs out, you’ll want to clean them up – especially if they have been locked away in a garage over winter. Try and jet wash the patio area to get rid of dirt, grime and debris build up before you lay it back down. If you don’t yet have a seating area, you can find lots of low cost options in DIY stores and even online. Don’t be confined to tables and chairs either, you can get all sorts of great items like outdoor sofas and hammocks which can create an interesting relaxing space to enjoy.

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