Sometimes our gardens can feel overwhelming.  Curveballs happen in life and we may find that for a whole variety of reasons, we do not have the time to look after the garden in the way we would like, and that the garden that was originally to be our dream garden becomes a major stressor in our life.  So what can we do?

Well, GardensRUs are able to help:

Here are some possibilities:

  • We could make your garden a ‘less maintenance’ garden – this may include applying mulch or top dressing to the borders to suppress weeds, keeping plant varieties to a minimum, possibly changing the turf or even using artificial turf.
  • We could make your garden a ‘low maintenance’ garden which may include changing the turf, using artificial turf, installing raised beds, installing gravel and other pathways, carefully selecting the right plants for the garden, installing a patio or decking, maybe installing hardwood fencing.

Every garden is individual and every client’s needs are individual and GardensRUs always try to find a tailored solution for every client and every garden need.  Please do give us a call to discuss or for a free quotation.

Above are two gardens that GardensRUs have recently had the pleasure of landscaping.

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