Growing your own vegetables and fruit is a fabulous and very satisfying thing to do and which is a great activity for all the family to get involved in.  There is still time in the season to do this.

We find that children enjoy growing tomatoes and love picking the juicy red tomatoes directly off the plant and from this activity growing tomatoes and fruit and vegetables can  then become  a habit for life. Tomatoes can be made into tomato pasta sauce, tomato sauce, they can be eaten as is, used in salads and flans,  and some of our customers sundry their tomatoes just by leaving them to dry in a sunny place (with direct sun) and then place the sundried tomatoes in an infused oil.  There is also the option dehydrate the tomatoes (instead of sun-drying) if you have a dehydrator.

We have tomato plants presently on sale.  Why not pair a tomato plant with a herb plant such as Rosemary or Thyme ready for preparing lovely summer salads or for preparing an infused oil?

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