As the days start to get cooler, it now becomes a race against time to ripen Tomatoes before the first frost appears.  So what can we do to hasten the ripening of our Tomatoes?


  • If the Tomatoes are in the greenhouse or indoors, the best thing to do is to cut any flowers off the plant, which will concentrate the Plant’s energy  into ripening the fruit, rather than into growing, and also cut the top group 0f leaves off which will provide the fruits with extra light.  Doing these two actions alone will help the Tomatoe Plant focus on ripening its fruit.
  • If this does not work or, if the Plant is outside, just take all the Tomatoes off the plant and put them in a paper bag with a Banana as the Banana releases a hormone called ‘Ethylene’ which helps fruit to ripen.  Keep an eye on the bag and remove the fruits when they have ripened.

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