We would like our children to have fun in the garden.  We would not like to have to ask them to stop kicking a ball around, playing make believe games, or  having sword fights just because we are worried of the damage that may be done to the garden plants.

Here is a list of plants that do not mind the odd thump or bash of a ball.  Some also do not mind being trodden on and some are even resistant to snapping.  Each plant has different qualities:

  1. Ornamental grasses will sway and bend.  They also usually bounce back.
  2. Catmint.  An incoming ball will not make much difference to its loose sprawling habit.
  3. Lavender has tough branches.
  4. Rosemary is very tough all-round.
  5. Thyme.  Does not mind being trodden on.
  6. Ladies Mantle (Alchemillia Mollis) will soon recover from the hit of a ball.
  7. Salvia Nemorosa Caradonna.  The upright flowers will not bend or snap and it has a strong cushion of leaves.
  8. Box.  A very dense plant.
  9. Euphorbia Myrsinites. Dense and springy.  Will shrug off any assault.