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Little gardening jobs for golden Autumnal days.

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The leaves have started to fall and our garden is bathed in a lovely golden Autumnal light.  Now is a great time to enjoy spending some time outdoors just to enjoy the colourfulness and fruitfulness of the Season. And whilst we are doing this, it might also be a good time to: Plant some bulbs ready [...]

Landscaping Adventures – September 2020- Creating raised decking with railings, slabs and raised sleeper plant beds.

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On facebook, we recently posted a 'sneaky peek' of a landscaping project which we were working on, which Jennifer had designed, and which we felt  very excited about.  Well here are the photographs of the completed works.  The design included composite decking with fortitude railings, promenade grey slabs and raised sleeper plant beds. Please do take [...]

Landscaping Adventures – August 2020- replacing old slabbing with new slabbing and creating privacy within a garden.

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  Our Client asked us to replace the old slabbing with new slabbing.  We used Harvest 900 x 60mm slabs.  We also added some raised plant beds along the fencing to create privacy, where Climbing plants will be planted. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any garden maintenance matters, including hedge trimming and tree/shrub [...]

Landscaping Adventures – Making an outdoor space more appealing and usable.

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Our Client was looking to make the outdoor space much more appealing and usable.  In the past, the remote area of the garden has flooded on a regular basis. The Landscaping Team cleared the existing slabs and compacted the ground to lay new artificial grass.  We also swapped around the opening of the garden gate to [...]

Recent reviews of GardensRus.

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Nothing makes the Landscaping Team more happy than to receive positive feedback from happy Clients and we feel very proud to be able to share some of the recent feedback with you.   "Watching the transformation was great.  The guys have done a brilliant job.  I would recommend this company before anyone else.  No excess mess/mud [...]

Why not visit a truly ‘hidden’ Secret Garden at Five Sisters’ Zoo!

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  There is nothing better than finding a 'secret garden'.  It might be an actual place or it may be an imaginary place - but it is a tranquil place where you can have fun, explore wildly, and somewhere where your imagination can go on all sorts of adventures, and we have such a place at [...]

How to make a driveway look like new.

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  Power washing is one of those truly satisfying tasks.  It may take a while to power wash a patio or driveway, but the results can be truly sensational and long lasting, and can vastly improve a property's kerb appeal. In this photograph, we power washed a Client's Monoblock and then filled the gaps with sand, [...]

Small garden fixes that help add value to your house.

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  In 2019, it was estimated that a neat and tidy garden could add as much as 20% on to the price of a house.  If you are thinking of selling your house at some point in the future and would like to try and add some value to your house before putting your house on [...]