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Landscaping Adventures – Improving a garden’s drainage.

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  Our Clients live next to a Canal and their garden would often become waterlogged. Our Clients consulted us as they wished to improve the drainage of their garden.  We installed a Complex Drainage System which will improve the drainage considerably. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are seeking advice regarding the drainage [...]

Landscaping Adventures-Turning a garden into a more manageable and relaxing space.

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Our Clients were working from home. They asked us to create a more manageable garden and a more relaxing space. We cleared the old planting area,  created wooden decking,  and added a  small patio area, with a border for planting.                                 [...]

How to improve your house’s kerb appeal.

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Power washing is one of those truly satisfying tasks.  It may take a while to power wash a patio or driveway, but the finished result can be truly sensational and long lasting, and can vastly improve a house's kerb appeal. In this photograph, we power washed a Client's Monoblock and then filled the gaps with sand, [...]

Garden Makeover – A special space to capture the early evening sun.

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Our Clients were looking for an area where they could enjoy the early evening Sunlight.  We created a levelled patio area with retaining walls.   Further into the garden we created borders  with wooden sleepers.   GardensRus supplied the plants to complete the garden makeover.  Our client was delighted with the work.  We were pleased [...]