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How to ripen Green Tomatoes.

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  As the days start to get cooler, it now becomes a race against time to ripen Tomatoes before the first frost appears.  So what can we do to hasten the ripening of our Tomatoes?   If the Tomatoes are in the greenhouse or indoors, the best thing to do is to cut any flowers off [...]

How to grow numerous Vegetable crops in just one pot.

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How to grow a number of Vegetable crops in just  one pot. (For late Summer/Early Autumn planting) 4 Chard Plants. 3  Kale Plants. 5 Early maturing Garlic Cloves such as 'Early Purple Wight'. Broad Bean Seeds for Autumn sowing such as 'Acquadulce Claudia'. A large pot - plastic or terracotta - at least 45cm diameter with [...]