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Dreaming of an easier to manage garden….please give us a call.

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New Year can often bring with it new thoughts, ideas and resolutions and if one of your resolutions was that 2021 would be the year that you would make your garden more easier to manage and more pleasing to the eye, this is something that Gardens R Us would be delighted to help you with. Beechgrove [...]

‘We do the blooming lot’

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GardensRUs Phone:  01506-871961 Mobile:  07584 324920 Email: Please do give us a call or message us regarding any house/garden/christmas tree uplifts or any garden design or garden landscaping matters.  Although we are in lockdown, we are still available to answer any queries.  We also have multi-purpose snow shovels available at £10.00 and 25kg bags of [...]

Gardens R Us – now open for the New Year and raring to go.

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We would like to wish all our customers, both past and present, a happy and healthy New Year. Gardens R Us are now back in the office, so to speak, and raring to go.  Please do contact us as soon as possible regarding any garden maintenance or garden design/landscaping matter in order to be 'garden ready' [...]

Landscaping Adventures – Turning a sloped garden into a useable space.

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We turned a sloped garden into a useable space which our Client could relax in  and enjoy. We also created a large raised timber sleeper bed with timber decking coming off the highest point of the garden. We then levelled the ground in front of the decking.  The materials used were timber sleepers, timber decking, and [...]

Landscaping Adventures – Making an outdoor space more appealing and usable.

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Our Client was looking to make the outdoor space much more appealing and usable.  In the past, the remote area of the garden has flooded on a regular basis. The Landscaping Team cleared the existing slabs and compacted the ground to lay new artificial grass.  We also swapped around the opening of the garden gate to [...]

Recent reviews of GardensRus.

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Nothing makes the Landscaping Team more happy than to receive positive feedback from happy Clients and we feel very proud to be able to share some of the recent feedback with you.   "Watching the transformation was great.  The guys have done a brilliant job.  I would recommend this company before anyone else.  No excess mess/mud [...]

Landscaping Adventures – Creating a child friendly garden.

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Our Clients wished for a garden that was more child friendly. On completion, our clients were very happy and felt that the completed works will make a big difference to  their lives. Our Clients commented: "We could not be happier with the end result.  GardensRus have done a fantastic job and I shall highly recommend your [...]

GardensRus build Aviary at Five Sisters Zoo.

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  The Landscaping Team at GardensRus particularly enjoy working on Landscaping projects at Five Sisters' Zoo. Recently, we have been working on the Aviary.  The telephone poles are now up in the Aviary and, thanks to the powers of Facebook, we have managed to source a missing telephone pole. The project is coming along, please continue [...]

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