Our new Garden Centre is now open.

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Why not pay a visit  to our brand new Garden Centre which is located separately in the Car Park of Five Sister's Zoo.  There is no need to enter the Zoo in order to visit the Garden Centre. Our opening hours are 10.00am-5.00pm and we have a great selection of plants and sundries, such as bark, [...]

Nine Football Friendly Plants for the Garden.

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We would like our children to have fun in the garden.  We would not like to have to ask them to stop kicking a ball around, playing make believe games, or  having sword fights just because we are worried of the damage that may be done to the garden plants. Here is a list of plants [...]

Making a dramatic entrance….

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          Window Boxes and troughs are often sheltered from the rain and sometimes only receive a small amount of water, unless they are watered by hand.  Plants that thrive in Troughs and Window Boxes are those that like dry conditions such as:- Alyssum (Aurina Saxatilis) Wallflower - (Erysimum Cheri 'Tom Thumb' mixed) [...]

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