It’s the best time of year for……conifer, tree and shrub maintenance.

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  Please do give us a call as soon as possible  to book  your garden maintenance appointment, including any conifer, tree and shrub maintenance, as Autumn/Winter is the best time for this maintenance to be carried out before the first flush of growth takes place in Spring. Phone:  01506 871961 Mobile:  07584 324920 Email:


Autumn/Winter – Conifer, Tree and Shrub Maintenance – please contact us as soon as possible to place a booking.

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  Autumn/Winter is a great time to prune all trees, conifers and shrubs before the new flush of growth starts in the Spring.  Please do contact us as soon as possible if you wish to place a booking for such works. Phone: 01506 871961 Mobile:  07584 324920 Email:


How to delay hedge and tree maintenance to help our wildlife over the Winter months.

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'Our hedges and trees desperately need a trim but yet they provide much needed food and shelter for wildlife over the Winter, what should we do?' If this is your predicament, please give us a call and we can book your tree and shrub maintenance appointment in for next year (in very late Winter). Please do [...]


How to ripen Green Tomatoes.

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  As the days start to get cooler, it now becomes a race against time to ripen Tomatoes before the first frost appears.  So what can we do to hasten the ripening of our Tomatoes?   If the Tomatoes are in the greenhouse or indoors, the best thing to do is to cut any flowers off [...]

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