Plants for a wooded or shady area of your garden.

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It can be very difficult to know what to grow or plant under a tree.  Due to a tree's dense overhanging canopy, there may be a lack of light, lack of water or lack of nutrients within the soil below. The best way to consider what might work in this area is to think of plants [...]


How to care for Hydrangeas.

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Hydrangeas seem to be at their most stunning this year, so what is the best way to care for them and keep them looking at their best? Here are some tips: Water the Hydrangea throughout the growing season.  Large Leaf Hydrangeas require more water than other varieties.  It helps to use a soaker hose in order [...]


Greenhouse jobs to do in July.

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Here is a list of jobs to do in the greenhouse in July: Pick all crops in the greenhouse as soon as they are ready. Water and feed all crops in the greenhouse regularly. Thin out biennial seedlings and prick out Winter/Spring bedding. Keep on top of ventilating the greenhouse and apply a further layer of [...]

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