Do you struggle with ‘bending’ to plant or dig when in your garden? GardensRUs can help.

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Would you like to become more self sufficient in your garden but find bending to the ground to plant or dig very difficult to do? Please do give us a call as we can build raised beds to any height that are suitable to you  and which can take the bending out of gardening. Here are [...]

Let our gardens put a ‘spring’ back in our step.

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  It's that lovely time of year, the birds are singing happily and are starting to prepare their nests, blossom is starting to appear on the trees, and next week is officially the start of Spring. Now is a great time to shake off any Winter weariness  and put a spring back in our step by [...]

It’s the best time of year for……conifer, tree and shrub maintenance.

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  Please do give us a call as soon as possible  to book  your garden maintenance appointment, including any conifer, tree and shrub maintenance, as Autumn/Winter is the best time for this maintenance to be carried out before the first flush of growth takes place in Spring. Phone:  01506 871961 Mobile:  07584 324920 Email:

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

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Why not bring some early Christmas sparkle into your home by purchasing one of our Christmas Trees. Your purchase will help Five Sisters Zoo survive through these dark and difficult times. GardensRus have two types of freshly cut Christmas Trees available in various sizes. Fraser Fir: This is a Christmas Tree with a unique citrus fragrance [...]

Garden jobs for November.

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It is nice to be able to catch the fleeting low November sunshine when it is with us, and here are a few jobs that we can be doing in the garden on those fine November days: Plant Tulip bulbs and any other left over bulbs ready for Spring. Clear leaves from ponds, lawns and flower [...]

Landscaping Adventures – Add character to a new build garden.

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Our Client wished to add character to a new build garden.  We changed the existing patio to Harvest promenade slabs and added  in a new path to reach the decking.  We created a timber pergola over the existing decking and two plant beds on either side of the garden.  We also supplied the plants and trees. [...]

Landscaping Adventures – August 2020 – Levelling a garden and creating a space for entertaining.

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Our Clients' garden lies on a slope.  Our Clients asked that we create a space where they could have a table and that  they be able to enjoy the area for entertaining purposes. We levelled two areas of the garden and created a small section for plants. We are pleased to say that our Clients were [...]

Landscaping Adventures – August 2020- replacing old slabbing with new slabbing and creating privacy within a garden.

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  Our Client asked us to replace the old slabbing with new slabbing.  We used Harvest 900 x 60mm slabs.  We also added some raised plant beds along the fencing to create privacy, where Climbing plants will be planted. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any garden maintenance matters, including hedge trimming and tree/shrub [...]

Why not visit a truly ‘hidden’ Secret Garden at Five Sisters’ Zoo!

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  There is nothing better than finding a 'secret garden'.  It might be an actual place or it may be an imaginary place - but it is a tranquil place where you can have fun, explore wildly, and somewhere where your imagination can go on all sorts of adventures, and we have such a place at [...]

Landscaping Adventures – Commercial Projects – The Fairy Garden at Five Sisters Zoo.

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      At GardensRus, as well as undertaking residential landscaping projects,  we also undertake a range of commercial landscaping projects. In 2019, Our Landscaping Team  completed work 0n the Fairy Garden at the Five Sisters Zoo, West Lothian, Scotland, the Fairy Garden being a  very popular attraction for  both children and adults alike. Please do [...]

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