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Landscaping Adventures – August 2020 – Levelling a garden and creating a space for entertaining.

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Our Clients' garden lies on a slope.  Our Clients asked that we create a space where they could have a table and that  they be able to enjoy the area for entertaining purposes. We levelled two areas of the garden and created a small section for plants. We are pleased to say that our Clients were [...]

Landscaping Adventures – August 2020- replacing old slabbing with new slabbing and creating privacy within a garden.

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  Our Client asked us to replace the old slabbing with new slabbing.  We used Harvest 900 x 60mm slabs.  We also added some raised plant beds along the fencing to create privacy, where Climbing plants will be planted. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any garden maintenance matters, including hedge trimming and tree/shrub [...]

Why not visit a truly ‘hidden’ Secret Garden at Five Sisters’ Zoo!

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  There is nothing better than finding a 'secret garden'.  It might be an actual place or it may be an imaginary place - but it is a tranquil place where you can have fun, explore wildly, and somewhere where your imagination can go on all sorts of adventures, and we have such a place at [...]

Landscaping Adventures – Commercial Projects – The Fairy Garden at Five Sisters Zoo.

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      At GardensRus, as well as undertaking residential landscaping projects,  we also undertake a range of commercial landscaping projects. In 2019, Our Landscaping Team  completed work 0n the Fairy Garden at the Five Sisters Zoo, West Lothian, Scotland, the Fairy Garden being a  very popular attraction for  both children and adults alike. Please do [...]