There is nothing better than finding a ‘secret garden’.  It might be an actual place or it may be an imaginary place – but it is a tranquil place where you can have fun, explore wildly, and somewhere where your imagination can go on all sorts of adventures, and we have such a place at Five Sisters’ Zoo.  The Secret Garden was constructed by the Landscaping Team at GardensRus.

One of our Landscaping Team Members recently read the Book ‘The Secret Garden’ with their family before visiting the Zoo and they all had a fabulous time with their imaginary adventures here in our Secret Garden. Please see their Photographs.  The family are all excited  to see the new Secret Garden film which is due to be released in mid-August.



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Whilst at the Zoo, why not call in at our Plant Centre for your garden plant requirements?  It is also possible to visit the Plant Centre separately without entry to the Zoo.

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the proceeds of which go directly to fund the Zoo.

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