Tree and Shrub Planting

Do you want to bring some fresh plants into your garden space?How about a new tree or a few new shrubs to brighten it up? Or add a bit more colour and shape? Brilliant idea!

We are happy to help you to bring your garden ideas to life. Planting new trees and shrubs is a skill our dedicated landscape designers and qualified horticulturalists are specialised in. They have in-depth knowledge about which trees or shrubs are suitable for specific requirements and conditions and will help you to pick the right ones for your garden.

Gardens R Us’ planting services are for you if you just want a few new additions to your already existing garden, as part of a makeover or if you want to completely design a garden from scratch.

Our designers will suggest ideas and implement your wishes in order to bring your individual garden vision to life.

Contact us for a quote if you want to get further information about how much it would cost to turn your vision into reality and we will supply you with a free cost estimate without any obligations attached.

Spruce Up Your Garden

garden design with bushes

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